Business Plan and Financial Viability Statement

Business Plan   

Care Solutions Group can write your business plan with your core business activities, objectives, and goals. We are very confident that the business plan will meet your needs and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.   

Your business plan will include:

  • an executive summary
  • products and services
  • marketing strategy and analysis
  • financial planning
  • a budget.

Your business plan will help you to:

  • clarify your business idea and structure of the business
  • spot potential problems
  • set out your goals
  • measure your progress.

Ideally, you should review and update your business plan periodically to see if goals have been met or have changed and evolved.

Financial Viability Statement

We can also help you submit the essential Financial Viability Statement to the Care Quality Commission that is required as part of the application process.

Our accredited Accountants are also Property, and Business tax experts, so they will help structure your business correctly to safeguard your assets and help you grow; they assist businesses all over the UK.

For more information about our Business Plan and Financial Viability Statement Services, please get in touch: