Leaving Care 

Leaving Care

Leaving Care services is about providing care and support to young people aged 16 – 25 and over, who are leaving the care system and transitioning to more independent living arrangements. Staff offer support with life skills such as budgeting, home skills and managing behaviour and work with each young person towards developing goals. Not everyone who uses the service may require support with personal care.  The Care Quality Commission only inspects where people receive personal care. 

We can support your application through comprehensive site visits, tailored application packs to ensure your successful application and tailored policies, to effectively guide your staff in the fundamental practices and processes in your service.

Do you need a site visit to ensure that your premises meet the criteria and standards expected of 'Registering the Right Location' and 'Building the Right Care'?

We provide all the Health and Safety documentation and quality building checks that you need to support your application. 

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